[#Cloud クラウド速報] Microsoft社が台湾にクラウド専門のデータセンタを建設予定。台湾のPC関連メーカを=>

ターゲットにクラウド環境を提供しようという狙い。 中華電信 社と共同で建設を行う、との事。


Microsoft to build cloud-computing technology center in Taiwan

Oct. 27, 2009 (China Knowledge) – Microsoft Corporation will sign a memorandum of understanding with the local government in Taiwan on cloud-computing cooperation on Nov. 4, said Woody T.J. Duh, an official of the Industrial Development Bureau, sources reported.

According to the MOU, Microsoft has plans to build a cloud-computing technology center on the island to provide a platform for local hardware and software service suppliers to develop relevant services and technologies.

The move is in line with Microsoft’s idea of consolidating terminal computing capabilities and services.

The software giant also hopes that setting up in Taiwan, which has the largest hardware industry supply chain in the world, will help it succeed in the field of cloud-computing as in the field of PCs.

Reportedly, Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd, the largest telecom and Internet service provider in Taiwan, will also cooperate with Microsoft on cloud computing technologies.

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Posted via email from Ippei’s @CloudNewsCenter info database


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