[#SmartGrid スマートグリッド] スマートグリッドのVC投資が回復傾向=>

一時はかなり落ち込んだが、今年の後半から回復の方向が明確になっている。 しかしながら、Green Technology全体の投資殻見ると、まだ割合が少ない、といえる。

Eric Wesoff | October 29, 2009 at 8:01 AM

The Next Wave of Smart Grid Funding?

Smart grid has been the buzzword on utility, entrepreneur and investor’s lips in 2009. 

Funding the smart grid has certainly been on the Obama administration’s agenda – as evidenced by the billions being funneled into this sector (see Jeff St. John’s pieces about the winners and losers in this contest).

Venture Capital investors have been talking about smart grid investments for a while now. Foundation Capital’s Steve Vassallo even authored a “Smart Grid Manifesto” to “help drive a single point of view across our four Smart Grid portfolio companies.” Vassallo writes, “Smart Grid and smart pricing together answer the riddle of how you get market forces to make a difference in a monopoly environment.” 

Foundation’s smart grid investments include EnerNoc, Silver Spring Networks, eMeter and Control4.

Another theme amongst VC investors in 2009 has been the capital efficiency of smart grid plays. In other words: Don’t expect too many Solyndra or Nanosolar-magnitude deals from the VC community in 2009 or 2010. 

That said, in looking at the numbers, although funding in smart grid is recovering:

It’s a bit surprising to see the small proportion of smart grid deals relative to VC in greentech as a whole:

So are VCs talking and not diving in?  Are they looking to see the outcome of Silver Spring Networks’ utility roll-out? Are we only in early days? 

Or will these initial forays into Advanced Meter Infrastructure and Home Energy Networks give way to a bigger and steadier wave of other smart grid technologies like Vehicle to Grid, EV charging stations, data management and analytics, network optimization tools, and independent energy storage operators?

The next few quarters will tell. Smart people in Greentech Media’s smart grid practice see a new smart grid innovation and investment wave about to break.

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