[#SmartGrid スマートグリッド] Electrovaya社、日本高圧電気へ電池技術を提供する、と発表。ずばり、日本市場の魅力は、=>


意外と日本は面白いところで進んでいるのです。  これまた、ビジネスチャンスとして違った目で見ると、面白い発想が生まれる可能性があるな、と感じます。

Electrovaya batteries head for Japanese market

November 3, 2009

Electrovaya plans to get into the stationary power and smart grid energy storage market in Japan, the Canadian firm told the press yesterday.  Nippon Kouatsu Electric (NKE) of Japan and Electrovaya signed a pact to sell the latter’s “integrated advanced battery storage systems for both stationary power and smart grid systems applications, initially targeted for the Japanese market,” Electrovaya said.

          Generally, the need for power storage is advancing due to the variable and intermittent nature of renewables and the growth of their use, Electrovaya noted.  In Japan, the wide price differential between overnight and peak-load daytime hours “is sufficiently large enough to create an excellent market for technology solutions that allow consumers to capture off-peak, low-price electricity and store it for peak demand periods,” the firm said.

          Electrovaya’s storage solution compares favorably in price to other storage battery technologies and kinetic storage techniques such as pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage, NKE President Motokuni Takaoka said in a prepared statement.

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