[#SmartGrid スマートグリッド] MicrosoftとGoogleのエネルギー管理ソフトの違い:スマートメータが必要かどうか=>

MicrosoftはSacrament市に自社のHohmエネルギー管理ソフトを提供する事を発表。  Microsoft社は家庭内にスマートメータがインストールされている必要が無く、機能もどちらかというと、エネルギー節約アドバイスをいくつかの数値を持って計算するとのこと。 

エネルギー管理ソフトベンダーは非常に数が多く、競争が激しい市場。  スマートメートとの連携が基本的に必要で、これらベンダーとの連携が数多く発表されている。 

Microsoft Turns Sacramento Onto Hohm

Microsoft turned on the data feeds to its Hohm home energy monitoring platform at a third utility on Thursday – the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

SMUD has 1.4 million customers, and all will now be able to see their monthly power bills through the Hohm web-based platform, Microsoft planned to announce Thursday morning at the utility’s Sacramento, Calif. headquarters.

Microsoft has already enabled similar functionality at two other utilities – Xcel Energy, with 3.4 million customers, and Seattle City Light, with about one million customers (see Green Light post).

The monthly data – which doesn’t require a smart meter to be delivered to customers – can be linked with information customers can input themselves about their household energy use. Hohm merges it all to give homeowners tips to help save energy (see Microsoft Launches Home Energy Site, Sees Devices, Demand Response in Future).

It’s a model a bit more like energy efficiency tip websites, though Microsoft would like to see more frequent smart meter data incorporated into the system as it becomes available.

That’s the route most other home energy management platforms are taking.

That includes Google, which has signed up about 10 utilities, smart meter maker Itron, and home energy gear makers The Energy Detective and AlertMe to provide data to its web-based PowerMeter platform (See Green Light post and Google, British Gas Help AlertMe Launch Home Energy Control).

Google and Microsoft have other differences in how they approach the home energy management market (see Green Light post for a list).

Of course, there are also dozens of startups such as Tendril, Control4, OpenPeak, EnergyHub, Onzo, and many others attacking the home energy management space. Two notable ones, Greenbox and Lixar, have been acquired by richly funded smart grid startups Silver Spring Networks and GridPoint, respectively, and meter data management software maker eMeter has launched its own platform as well (see Green Light post, Silver Spring Swallows Greenbox and stories here, here, here and here).

Greentech Media:Green Light Blog / Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:07:06 GMT

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