[#SmartGrid スマートグリッド] Xcel Energy社、スマートグリッドへの投資を評価される一方、火力発電所の計画で批判を受ける。=>

Xcel Energy社はコロラド州、Boulder市のスマートグリッドプロジェクトで話題を集めているが、この地域のスメートメータ導入のコストを電力料金の値上げを通して回収しようとしており、住民の強い反発を受けている、という問題も抱える。 

どうも電力会社のスマートグリッドプロジェクトの歪が見え始めてきたかもしれない。 電力会社はもしかしたら、ちゃんとマーケティングをしていないのかな?

Xcel faces criticism despite Smart Grid upgrades

November 20, 1:04 PMDenver Page One ExaminerIan Cerveny

Xcel Energy continues to come under fire from conservation groups despite investing millions of dollars in new Smart Grid City technology.

Xcel’s implementation of a Smart Grid system in Boulder signals a move decidedly towards energy conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.  However, the Minnesota-based company’s construction of a new coal-burning plant has neighborhood and conservation groups asking state officials to deny a requested pollution permit.  Such a permit has never been denied by the state’s Air Quality Control Commission.

The Cherokee coal plant was built in tandem with two gas-fired plants, as well as the inception of the smart-grid project in Boulder.  Xcel is also currently involved in a rate-increase request battle with Colorado consumer groups as it seeks to recover $136 million of the $1.7 billion it invested in these and other system upgrades statewide.

Opponents of Xcel’s new coal plant, built to ensure a consistent power supply as population increases along Denver’s front range, have admitted that current alternative energy sources would not be sufficient to meet increased demand.  Still, even the energy giant’s concession to move towards a leaner system that relies more on existing alternative fuel supplies has proven insufficient to quell the discontent amongst the state’s environmentalists.

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