[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] スマートグリッドに関する投資案件のまとめ記事

Smart Grid Finance Rundown

Venture Capitalists and Congress Rock the Grid
VC, M&A, and Legislation in the rapidly growing Smart Grid Sector

By Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media
In 2004, the term “Smart Grid” didn’t really exist – despite the Demand Reponse successes of now-public firms like Comverge and EnerNoc.
Fast forward five years and we’ve seen hundreds of millions of dollars of VC investment flow into a wide range of smart grid start-ups, essentially creating a new market and ecosystem from power generators to home networks. 2009 has gotten off to a slow investment start but that will change in the coming quarters.
Smart grid technology, investment, and infrastructure must emerge if the states are to meet their ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standards.
But beware—as Stephen Lee, the Senior Technology Executive for Power Delivery and Utilization at EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute warns – smart grid players must avoid the hype, saying, “we are at the peak of the smart grid hype cycle – when Obama and Biden talk about the smart grid you know it’s being hyped.”

VC Funding in Smart Grid 2005-2009

Year VC Funding in Smart Grid Firms
2005 $60M
2006 $281M
2007 $419M
2008 $461M
2009 ytd $196M+
2008 and 2009 Smart Grid M&A

In today’s difficult business environment, we expect to see lots more M&A activity and consolidation.

Recent M&A in the Smart Grid Sector

BPL Global Acquired Serveron, a provider of technology and services to monitor electric utility assets Financial terms were not disclosed. Since 1999, Serveron has raised ~$48M in VC from Perseus, Siemens Venture Capital, El Dorado, Nth Power, Cascadia Pacific Management, et al.
Consumer Powerline Acquired Xtend Energy, a provider of rapid response services to industrial, commercial, and retail customers, where customers have a brief window in which to supply excess capacity in response to sudden energy events. Undisclosed
GE Energy Acquired Mapframe, to expand its smart grid portfolio of utility transmission and distribution offerings Undisclosed
GridPoint Acquired V2 Green (PEV integration) Undisclosed
SmartSynch, a provider of wireless smart metering technology Acquired Applied Mesh Technologies, a provider of energy monitoring and usage control solutions to utilities and enterprise customers Undisclosed
VC Investment in the Smart Grid

Soaring energy costs, an aging electricity grid, national security concerns, and government regulation are creating a boom in smart utility meters and the semiconductors that go into them.
Most smart grid investments don’t require hundreds of millions of dollars to create a factory. VCs look at the smart grid market as a capital efficient alternative to the capital-intensive wave of green investments of late. Additionally the technology of the smart grid – wireless communications, mesh networks, semiconductor integration, and software is a familiar vernacular to the VC community.
Look for big players like Intel, IBM, Cisco, and Oracle to begin vying for a slice of the smart grid pie either through investment or acquisition. What follows is a detailed list of smart grid VC investments since Q1 2008…

Q1 2008 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid
Fat Spaniel $18M
Round B
Ignition Partners led with PCG, Applied Ventures, Element Partners, Chrysalix Renewable energy monitoring and reporting software and systems
GridPoint $15M
Round D
Quercus Trust Managing energy sources and storage for utilities
Tendril Networks $12M
Round B
RRE Ventures led with Vista Ventures, Access Venture Partners, Appian Ventures Zigbee-based energy management SW and HW for residences
Ambient $2.5M
(Private Placement)
Vicis Capital “Smart-grid” technologies that use power lines to transmit data
Green Plug Undisclosed
Round A
Peninsula Equity Partners Advanced power strips enable collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources

Q2 2008 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid
SmartSynch $20M Round E Credit Suisse led with Battelle Ventures, Beacon Group, Endeavor Capital, GulfSouth Capital, Kinetic Ventures, OPG, Siemens Venture Capital, et al. Wireless smart metering technology
Silver Spring Networks $17M Round C Edison Electric Institute, Foundation Capital A networking platform that allows utilities to connect energy-generation equipment, energy-storage devices and appliances, and energy-monitoring management and software
eMeter $13M Siemens led with DBL Investors, Foundation Capital Advanced metering and smart grid software
Verdiem $12M NCD Investors led with KPCB, Catamount Ventures, Phoenix Partners PC software that reduces energy consumption across computer networks
Onzo $4M Scottish & Southern Energy, Sigma Capital Group Energy management and carbon monitoring
DeepStream Technologies Undisclosed 3i and Doughty Hanson Intelligent sensors addressing energy management, protection, and control
Grid Net Undisclosed Intel Capital Smart-grid software developer

Q3 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid
BPL Global $23M
Round D
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, IFA Group, Novitas Capital, El Dorado, and Morgan Stanley Software and services for electric utilities to build the smart grid
Eka Systems $19M Flybridge Capital Partners, RockPort Capital, The Westly Group, Metropolitan Investments Wireless nodes, gateways, software and tools for smart utility networks
EnOcean $6.6M Wellington Partners, 3i Group, Emerald Technology Ventures, Siemens Venture Capital, BayTech Venture Capital, et al. Energy harvesting technology, wireless sensors, and RF communication for building automation, lighting, AMR, and environmental applications
EpiSensor $1.5M
Enterprise Equity, Enterprise Ireland, et al. Zigbee-based wireless sensors and controllers for lighting, energy monitoring, building management, etc.
GDCM Undisclosed Balderton Capital Energy efficient data center management
Green Energy Options (UK) $1.46M Thames Valley Investment Network, Bank of Scotland, et al. Smart meters and home energy hubs
GridPoint $120M
Round E
Goldman Sachs Group, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, The Quercus Trust, Altira Group, Standard Renewable Energy Group Smart-grid infrastructure
Trilliant $40M MissionPoint Capital Partners, Zouk Ventures Network solutions and software for advanced metering, DR, and smart grid management
Q4 2008 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid

Smart metering in the US currently has a low penetration, with ~6% of households having installed the technology in 2006. This is set to increase rapidly over the next few years with some forecasts for smart meter penetration to reach close to 90% of households by 2012.

Q4 2008 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid
Silver Spring Networks $75M KPCB, Foundation Capital, JVB Properties, Northgate Capital Communications hardware, software, and services for the smart-power grid
Ice Energy $33M
Round B
Energy Capital Partners, Second Avenue Partners Managing air-conditioning electricity usage
Freezing water in an insulated tank at night and using the ice to cool air during the day
Positive Energy $14M NEA Demand-response and energy efficiency data technology
Ambient (OTC) $8M Vicis Capital Master Fund Software and services for electrical utilities to deliver IP-based services on existing power lines
Eco Power Solutions $7M Altira Group Energy recovery and emission control technology
RLtec (UK) $960K Low Carbon Accelerator, et al. Grid management technology for DR and energy balancing

Q1 2009 VC Investment in DR and Smart Grid
Sentilla $7.5M
Round B
ONSET Ventures, Claremont Creek Ventures Demand-side energy management software for data centers and commercial and industrial facilities
Silver Spring $15M Round D add-on Previous Round D investors include KPCB, Foundation Capital, JVB Properties, Northgate Capital Up-round? for the wireless smart-grid equipment and software maker
SynapSense $7M Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, Sequoia Capital, ARV, Nth Power, DFJ Frontier Wireless energy efficiency solutions for data centers
GridPoint Undisclosed Craton Equity Partners Open software platform for distributed energy

Q2 09 VC Investment in DR, and Smart Grid
Tendril Neteorks $30M
Round C
VantagePoint Venture Partners, Good Energies, RRE Ventures, Vista Ventures Residential smart grid software and wireless sensors
Zenergy (AIM) $13.8M Arranged by Panmure Gordon & Co and Mirabaud Securities Superconductors as fault current limiters, preventing current surges on the grid. Recently announced contracts with NY’s Con Ed. SC Power is the US subsidiary.
AlertMe (UK) $12.8M
Round B
Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners, VantagePoint Venture Partners Zigbee-based web-enabled home energy management devices add-on to security systems
Ember $8M Chevron Technology Ventures, Stata Venture Partners, Polaris Venture Partners, GrandBanks Capital, RRE Ventures, Vulcan Capital, DFJ ePlanet Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, et al. The leading maker of ZigBee wireless mesh networking chipsets for communications between devices such as utility meters and thermostats
Powerit Solutions $6M Siemens Venture Capital, ArcelorMittal’s Clean Technology Fund, @Ventures, Expansion Capital
Intelligent energy management and efficiency systems
Hexaformer (Sweden) $4.6M
Round B
Sustainable Technologies Fund, Innovations Kapital Electric transformer cores
OutSmart Power Systems $2M Seed Bainco International Investors, Clean Energy Venture Group, Manifold Products Hardware and software systems to monitor and manage energy usage, building occupancy and other activities in commercial buildings
EnergyHub Undisclosed Round A .406 Ventures, Physic Ventures Home energy management solutions

VC Investment in EE, DR, and Smart Grid
eMeter $32M Sequoia Capital, Foundation Capital Smart grid management software
iControl $23M
Round C
ADT Security Services, Cisco, Comcast Interactive Capital, GE Security, Charles River Ventures, Intel Capital, Kleiner Perkins iFund Home energy management integrated with security systems
Control4 $17.3M Best Buy Capital, Mercato Partners, University Venture Fund, Frazier Technology Ventures, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, vSpring Capital Home Energy Management – a wirelessly controllable thermostat linked to a gateway meant to communicate with smart meters
Grid Net $13.8M
Round C (peHub)
Braemar Energy Ventures, Catamount Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services, Intel Capital Network management software and communications products for the utility industry’s smart grid
Advanced Telemetry spanspanspanspan

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