[#Virtualization #仮想化] Novellが仮想化技術の自動化や管理ツールの発表。競争の激しい市場に直球勝負=>

発表したのは、Atlanticと呼ばれる自動プロビジョニングソフト、とBluestarと呼ばれるシステム構成管理と監視ツール。 また、Workbenchと呼ばれる、ワークロードの管理ツールも発表している。  何れもPlateSpinと呼ばれるNovellが買収した会社の技術

Novell prepares to enter new virtualization markets with PlateSpin Atlantic and Bluestar

novell logo

Yesterday Novell announced the future launch of two new products with the PlateSpin brand.

The first one, codename Atlantic, will be a self-service provisioning portal, while the second, codename Bluestar, will be a configuration management and monitoring solution.

Novell also plans to release another product, part of the ZENworks portfolio (which has been merged with the PlateSpin one twelve months ago), codenamed Workbench, a master repository and change/control system for workloads, from which they can be deployed on-demand to any environment.

With this move Novell is going to have a remarkable number of new competitors, considering the amount of startups and leading players that already saturate these segments.

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