[#Cloud #クラウド] Salesforce.comが10年計画を発表、Twitterのサポート、 など幅広いアプリの提供


  • モバイルデバイスのサポート、CRMライブラリへのアクセスを提供
  • 顧客に140文字のつぶやきを送る機能のサポート
  • リアルタイムで見積もりを送る機能
  • Cloud Schedularというミーティング管理システム

Salesforce.com unveils 10-year sales cloud strategy

Cliff Saran
Tuesday 08 December 2009 05:19

Salesforce.com has set out a 10-year strategy for its cloud-based customer relationship management service, which it hopes will link the consumer web to business applications.

The company is developing what it calls Sales Cloud 2, which will allow users in marketing to take advantage of Twitter, YouTube and other popular sites, to help generate sales leads. It says the application will focus on providing mobile users with access to the Salesforce.com CRM library, giving sales people access to presentations and spreadsheets to support their sales pitches when they are not in the office.

Salesforce.com now provides Twitter support, allowing sales people to send 140-character tweets to prospective clients. A real-time quotes feature allows companies to send customers quotes in a similar way to how eBay’s power seller quoting feature works. Salesforce.com is also building in a scheduler called Cloud Scheduled, which it says can be used to arrange meetings with customers and business partners, using Force.com, the Salesforce.com application platform.

The company has conducted a survey with Coleman Parkes Research, which showed that CIOs regard cloud computing as essential to free up IT resources, and allow them to add business value.


Posted via email from Ippei’s @CloudNewsCenter info database


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