[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] スマートメータ業者、Echelon社と コンシューマ向けエネルギー管理ディスプレイメーカのGEO社が協業を発…


Thursday, 17 December 2009 01:46

Echelon Corporation announced on December 16 that it will collaborate with Green Energy Options Ltd (GEO) to develop energy display units that are compatible with Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES) System.  Echelon is one of the world’s leading advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) developers while GEO is a leading provider of consumer-focused energy displays.

Representatives from both companies are in attendance at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen (COP15) that will end this Friday.  The representatives are bringing attention to the role of energy conservation in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

GEO’s energy displays are built around the ZigBee wireless communications protocol to allow for direct transmissions with Echelon’s NES-based smart meters.  The portable, graphically-rich display units are designed with the consumer in mind and can display current and historical energy usage as well as pricing information, and comparisons to other consumers in real time.

“The UK government is serious about changing energy consumption behavior and the first step in enabling this change is showing consumers when and where they use the most energy,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, chief executive officer of GEO.  “Consumers can reduce energy use and save money, and collectively we can affect climate change by learning to use energy more wisely.”

“Empowering consumers to monitor and control energy expenditures is a key objective for the UK and other European governments, and, as an integral part of the smart grid, a huge market opportunity for us,” Caiger-Smith continued.  Analysts expect the European smart meter market will top $11 billion within five years.

“Smart meters form an integral part of a smart grid,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst Vikas Ravindran.  “Moving forward, complete automation of the grid is set to become the norm with real0time information at the customers’ fingertips.”

Echelon’s IP-based NES system consists of a variety of tightly integrated smart meters that are accessible through a network operating system based on Web services.  NES provides utilities with a wealth of information describing the status, operation, and overall health of the power grid.  Armed with this information utilities can reduce operational costs and enhance service for customers.

“Moving forward, complete automation of the grid will become the norm, and this will be based on real-time energy use information,” said Mark Ossel, vice president of Energy & Utility at Echelon.  “Extending the NES System by working with companies like GEO makes our NES System the key piece of the smart grid infrastructure that informs and engages consumers.”

“We believe that it offers the best solution to both energy providers and consumers to move the smart grid forward,” Ossel explained.

Echelon Corporation
550 Meridian Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126 USA

Green Energy Options Ltd
3 St. Mary´s Court
Main Street
Cambridge CB23 7QS


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