[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] SAP日本で始まったスマートシティプロジェクトに参画を表明:国際的に通用するものになる事を祈ります。

SAPがスマートグリッドにどの様な寄与が出来るのか、よく理解できていないが、自社が開発したAMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure)を提供する、ということであれば何となくわかる。 このSAP AMI、NIST他の制定している標準規格に準拠するものなのかどうか、気になるところ。


Tuesday, 29 December 2009 15:48

Armed with new science and technology companies are innovating new ways to address the needs of their individual and business customers.  Looming large on the world stage is climate change and at the recent Copenhagen summit each participating country considered changes that needed to come about to reduce the effects of global warming.

Among the tech giants supplying solutions that address climate change is SAP.  Recently the company announced its participation in the Smart City Project – what will eventually become a large network of low-carbon communities all around the world.  Other companies participating in Smart City include Sharp, Nikken Sekkei Ltd, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Mitsui Fudosan, e-Solutions Inc., and the Future Design Center Incorporated Association (FDC) in Japan.

Smart City is FDC’s first project and aims to reduce carbon emissions at the national level by integrating renewable power sources and promoting energy efficient technologies.  The goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that will work in Japan and can be delivered to the rest of the world.

Garret Ilg, president of SAP Japan, said that his company would continue to provide smart platforms and applications at the enterprise level that encourage efficiency and prosperity.  At SAP, helping reduce CO2 levels for corporations also translates into profits.  SAP considers the smart grid to be both a challenge and an opportunity

“We, at SAP, are committed to a 50 percent reduction of total greenhouse gas emissions from the 2007 levels, which stood at 513,000 tons of CO2,” said Ilg.  “In contrast, we are committed to 200 percent revenue increase and 35 percent profit by 2014.  We also lead the market in providing sustainability solutions to 92,000 customers across the globe to become more sustainable by IT solutions.”

SAP believes that information technology can help the world develop a more sustainable society, added Ilg as he addressed the company’s role in the Smart City scheme.  SAP’s participation in the effort demonstrates the company’s commitment to a sustainable future both as a software developer for its enterprise customers representing diverse industries and under its own roof.

As the energy industry shifts towards smart grid implementation and enhanced energy efficiency, SAP software is helping utilities make the transition.  Ilg said that cooperation and knowledge-sharing among the energy industry and other players involved is more important now than ever. 

Ilg said his company is working to guarantee that its software will integrate with energy infrastructure so the smart grid of the future is possible.  Companies on three continents – Asia, Europe, and North America – are already using SAP AMI [advanced metering infrastructure] software to get ready for the smart grid transformation.

“Customers are using SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software to integrate smart meters with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer billing software from SAP,” Ilg explained.

“[The] Copenhagen summit is a good message for governments/enterprises to participate in creating awareness and we are happy to be part of [the] Smart City project which will be economically beneficial to us and also for our planet,” Ilg explained.


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