[#Cloud #クラウド] $100を切る、ビジネス向けクラウドターミナルの発表:SIMtone社がCESで発表

CESにて、SIMtone社が $99 のネットブックを販売開始を発表。

いよいよ$100を切るこのデバイス、クラウドコンピューティング向けのデバイスとしてマーケティングされる模様。  GoogleのChrome OSを搭載するかどうかは不明だが、その方向性にあることは読んでいて感じる。 

$99 Universal Cloud Terminal Designed for Businesses and Consumers Introduced by SIMtone Corporation at CES

SIMtone Corporation, a privately held company delivering the first Universal Computing Platform, today announced its second generation of SIMtone “SNAP” Universal Cloud Terminals at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new devices are the first to break the $100 price barrier and deliver fast, powerful “on-demand” access to applications and media/communication services hosted on Windows, Linux or Media Virtual PCs. The resulting price and performance ratio is unachievable by traditional smartbooks, netbooks, laptops or desktop computers.

Cloud-enabled devices are fueling rapid growth in cloud-based applications and services. According to The Mobile Internet Report published by Morgan Stanley Representative (December 2009), “More users will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years.” The report goes on to forecast smartphones, e-book readers, connected in-car electronics and wireless home appliances like gaming consoles will sell more than 10 billion units by 2020 – 10 times more devices than there are desktop PCs.

According to SIMtone CEO, Mario Dal Canto, “The new SIMtone products set a new price and performance standard that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these growing trends. We just broke a barrier that will allow billions of people to afford and use Cloud services.”

Cloud services are lowering the cost of computing by eliminating the need for a full PC while also enhancing the user experience for other devices such as accessing the mobile Internet. “Power them on, type your ID and you instantly have extraordinary browsing and download speeds with no compatibility issues, no complications or configuration, and for a one-hundred dollar price tag,” says Dal Canto.

“Plug-and-play, hundred-dollar devices such as the SNAPbook Two netbook and SNAP Two desktop/set-top terminals are critical to deliver on our vision to provide innovative communication and media services that are extremely easy to use, by everyone, everywhere,” explained Tarek Robbiati, Group Managing Director of Telstra International and Chief Executive Officer of CSL, Hong Kong’s first and leading mobile network operator.

Both the SNAP Two desktop/set-top terminal and the SNAPbook Two Wireless netbook terminal will be available from SIMtone carriers starting in Q1, 2010, and are the first ultra-low-cost, cloud-enabled solutions featuring plug-and-play wireless and wireline connectivity with zero-configuration and maintenance.

The SNAP Two desktop/set-top can easily connect to a computer monitor or television screen. It supports 1024 x 800 VGA or 640 x 480 TV output and includes 10/100Ethernet connectivity, built-in WiFi, two USB 2.0 ports, a remote control and requires four watts of power to operate. A keyboard and mouse are optional.

The SNAPbook Two is a full-featured netbook device with a 7-inch TFT LCD true color 800 x 480 display, 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, built-in WiFi, three USB 2.0 ports, an 80-key standard keyboard, capacitive TouchPad, speakers, and TV-out capability. It weighs only 740 grams (1.63 pounds) and requires only five watts of power to operate.

For more information, contact info@simtone.net. Both products will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 7 – 10. To arrange a demo, contact ces@simtone.net.

About SIMtone Corporation

SIMtone Corporation makes Cloud Computing universally simple. The company has developed and commercialized the patented SIMtone Universal Cloud Computing Platform that allows network operators and businesses to host, manage and quickly provision any Cloud-hosted services, and ubiquitously deliver them to zero-touch terminals that can be standalone, low cost hardware appliances, or software terminals usable via browsers or on PCs, thin clients and mobile devices. With the SIMtone, Cloud services such as virtual desktops, SaaS, Media or Web services, are simple and very inexpensive to host and manage for businesses and providers, and become usable without a computer, on-demand and on-the-fly, simply and safely, by everyone, everywhere. SIMtone Corporation’s North American headquarters are based in Durham, North Carolina and SIMtone International headquarters are based in Vevey, Switzerland. SIMtone is a privately-held company. For more information: www.SIMtone.net.


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