[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] PassivSystems社(UK)がエネルギー管理デバイスを発表



UK firm launches smart grid product that promises to cut a third off household bills

Greenwise StaffUK firm launches smart grid product that promises to cut a third off household bills
5th January 2010
A British company that has developed ‘smart grid’ technology, which it claims could cut household energy bills by as much as 28 per cent, has launched its product today at CES, the world’s largest technology event, held in Las Vegas.
Berkshire-based PassivSystems has developed PassivEnergy, an intelligent control system that manages energy usage in the home using sensors connected to heating, hot water and electrical appliances. It then monitors activity via an individual online account. The company plans to shortly launch its product commercially following a major but undisclosed injection of investment by European clean technology venture capital firm WHEB Ventures.

PassivSystems won its place at CES Unveiled, the pre-event media showcase of the CES technology show, after being chosen to exhibit at the event by the UK Trade & Investment, the Government body promoting British business overseas.

The PassiveEnergy system includes a PassivHub, a home energy management system, which monitors and automatically optimises energy consumption in the home. The PassivHub communicates wirelessly to internal and external temperature sensors and appliance controls installed around the home and via the internet to the PassivEnergy service and utilises an innovative ‘Adaptive Occupancy Control’ function to optimise energy use. Over time this function ‘learns’ when the householder uses energy and when it can be saved. It then controls energy consumption across multiple devices in the home.

Colin Calder, founder and ceo of PassivSystems, said he was confident the new product would save the consumer “up to 28 per cent” on their energy bills. “PassivEnergy will revolutionise how consumers manage energy in the home,” he added.

The venture capital investment means PassivSystems, which was established in 2008, will be able to bring PassivEnergy to market by March 2010.

Calder said PassivSystems had already established “a very strong partnership” with WHEB Ventures. “They have done an outstanding job in delivering both commercial and political opportunities over the last nine months and we look forward to bringing PassivEnergy to market in early 2010 with their support,” he said.

James McNaught-Davis, managing partner at WHEB Ventures said the PassivSystems investment marked the firm’s first foray into the smart grid investment market. “We are delighted to be making our first investment in smart grid technology, the market for which is estimated to be worth €30 billion (£27 billion) over the next five years,” he said.

“PassivSystems has a unique offering which will form a critical part of the smart grid infrastructure and help householders to save money and cut carbon emissions. The ceo and his team are seasoned telecommunication technology professionals who are applying their knowledge and experience to the smart grid market. We look forward to helping them grow their business rapidly to exploit this considerable market opportunity.”

PassivSystems is expected to shortly announce a major commercial partnership that will also help bring its PassivEnergy product to market.


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