[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] SilverPAC社、SilverSTAT 7を発表:家庭内空調機を制御するデバイス

Windows CE 6.0 R3 をサポートし、ZigBeeを経由してスマートメータと通信を行う仕組み。


Thursday, 07 January 2010 22:17

SilverPAC has unveiled the SilverSTAT 7, a cutting edge thermostat that provides intelligent HVAC control with a Smart Energy In-Home Display and enabled with 802.11 Wi-Fi.

The SilverSTAT 7’s Smart Energy In-Home Display (IHD) allows consumers to monitor utility usage to help reduce power use. The thermostat can be programmed up to seven days in advance and is embedded with Windows CE 6.0 R3 and Intel Atom that turns the device into an advanced home climate control system.

The SilverSTAT 7 boasts a seven inch touch screen that displays the distribution of household energy, including the electricity being used by specific appliances and peripherals.

The IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface enables the SilverSTAT 7 to communicate with smart meters, sending information on real-time electricity and gas use in households directly to utility companies. The smart thermostat’s demand response monitoring system promotes conservation by showing customers current energy usage and the rate being charged for it via the networked in-home display. The wireless capability means the SilverSTAT 7 can communicate with a home network, the internet, the Z-Wave Home Automation interface and the Zigbee protocol for lighting and appliance control. Zigbee is one of the communication protocols approved by the US Congress for devices supporting the Smart grid.

Gary Locke, US Secretary of Commerce, notes that a smart grid is a key element of the Administration’s plan to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Today, we took a significant step toward developing the open and transparent interoperability standards necessary to realize the Smart Grid vision,” Locke said.

The SilverSTAT 7 can also be used as a home entertainment portal, featuring streaming photos, music and content direct from Live.com. The Windows software also lets consumers access email.

The SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7 will be officially released in June 2010.


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