[#Cloud #クラウド] 世界のSaaS事業の売り上げが $7.5 Billion を達せいした、との事:これは2008と比較して 17.7% の伸び…


数字の伸びはさておいて、24% がCRM事業で占められている、という事実も認識が必要である。 もっと汎用的な使われ方になっていくにはまだもう少し時間かかかりそうだ、という印象がある。

Worldwide SaaS Billing For 2009 To Hit $7.5 Billion

Posted by: Jennifer York

According to research firm Gartner, revenues from Saas billing will be $7.5 billion worldwide for 2009, a 17.7% increase from 2008 revenues of $6.4 billion.

While this is moderately impressive, keep in mind that we are at the very beginning of the growth in the software as a service market. Recurring payments with SasS billing will reach tidal wave proportions in the coming years. By 2013, a scant 3 years from today, the SaaS billing marketer will be over $14 billion.

The content, communications and collaboration and customer relationship management segments are the largest SaaS billers. For example, the customer relationship management applications account for about 24% of the market. But, other software application markets will experience rapid growth in the coming years and SaaS billing becomes the de facto recurring payment option for software.

Software vendors are pushing the SaaS billing model heavily which will increase demand as software partners resellers, and affiliates begin to embrace the recurring payments model. The development of platforms as a service model is another extension to SaaS billing which will expand the market even further.


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