[#SmartGrid #スマートグリッド] Siemens社のスマートグリッド戦略はBPL Global Ltd.の分散管理/自動化技術との協業

Siemens社は自社のスマートグリッド製品と、BPL Global社とのパートナーシップを通して、グローバルな事業展開が可能になり、北米、欧州を中心とした事業に力尾入れる、との事。

Siemens Energy and BPLG make smart grid bid
Friday, 08 January 2010 06:46

Siemens Energy and BPL Global broadens existing 
partnership in North America. Pictured above is New York 

Siemens Energy Inc. and BPL Global Limited will broaden an existing partnership in North America by venturing into smart grid projects touted to be the most comprehensive in the energy sector.

Siemens Energy will integrate BPLG’s smart grid solutions with its distribution automation applications. This will cover distribution management system, supervisory control, data acquisition and substation automation solutions.

The expanded partnership will allow Siemens and BPLG to strengthen their capabilities in connecting utilities and their customers. Other benefits of the partnership are improved grid reliability, efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Siemens Energy is an investor in BPLG as well as co-markets BPLG’s transformer monitors.

“This is essential to meet the step-change in market demand catalyzed by [stimulus] funding. Combining the unparalleled market presence and solution breadth of Siemens and leading smart grid solutions from BPLG positions both companies to better serve our customers,” said Keith Schaefer, chief executive of BPLG.

BPLG develops and deploys smart grid solutions to modernize electric grids worldwide, addressing applications across the grid from the substation to customer premises.

The smart grid technology company operates in Pennsylvania and Ohio in the United States, and in France.

Meanwhile, Siemens Energy has smart grid solutions for the entire energy conversion chain, from planning and consulting to the products and services required to enable the grid to operate intelligently. It is part of European engineering conglomerate Siemens A.G., which is listed on the Frankfurt and New York Stock Exchanges.

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