[#Cloud #クラウド] iTunesの時期リリースはクラウドをサポート:買収したLa La社の技術を利用し、ユーザがiTuneカタログをアップロード…


Apple Inc Ready to Launch Cloud Computing Services (AAPL)

There were speculations that Apple Inc, (NASDAQ: AAPL) will start a monthly subscriptions service for its iTunes, rather than the current $1.29 per song business model.

Apple has put all these speculations to rest by stating that its acquisition of Lala Company was not to start iTunes subscriptions services but to provide cloud computing services for its iTunes users. Lala provides a personal music storage service which Apple will use for providing cloud computing services. The Lala setup process provides software to store a personal music library online and then play it from any web browser alongside web songs they sell.

The next version of iTunes will allow the users to upload their catalogs on the net and access these from any browser or net connected iPod/Touch/Tablet. This upgrade will be possible through Lala’s technology. Once this technology is installed, users will be able to navigate and play their music, videos and playlists from their personal URL using a browser.

This way Apple will be freed from the hassles of device and region limitations and iTunes users can continue to buy music and videos which will automatically get uploaded on their browsers for anywhere access. Another advantage of this is that because users are in possession of the materials no new licenses are required from the record labels or publishers. So, acquisition of the Lala Company fits very well with Apple’s long term strategy of being the first to exploit cloud computing technology.

Posted via email from Ippei’s @CloudNewsCenter info database


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