[#Cloud #クラウド] Microsoft社がIntuit App CenterにてAzureアプリケーションを提供:拡販戦略の一つとして、270万…

Private Cloudには技術提供しない、という強いポリシーをもっているAzureであるが、他のPaaSプラットホームを経由して自社のAzureアプリケーションを提供する戦略は今後も積極的に展開する事が想定される。 

1)  SaaSベンダーとしては恐らく世界最大にユーザ数(Salesforce.com以上のユーザを持っている)
2) 殆どがSMBもしくは個人事業者
3) 考えようによっては最もSaaSの浸透が大きい市場

ただ、見方を変えると、従来こういった市場に対する戦略を独自に持っていたはずのMicrosoft社、この協業をもって、それを諦めた、と見ることも出来る。  Excel、さらにそれをベースとしたアプリケーションでIntuit社のQuickBooksに対抗するものがいっぱいあったはずだが、それらの行く末はどうなるのでしょうか。 

Microsoft and Intuit Strike Cloud Computing Pact

The deal calls for Azure to be an Intuit preferred platform



JANUARY 24, 2010 07:00 PM EST

Azure Session at Cloud Expo

Microsoft and Intuit are going to join their clouds, Azure and the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP), so developers can deliver and market web applications to the 27 million QuickBooks-using small businesses through the Intuit App Center.

The integration also means that small businesses can use Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity applications via the Intuit App Center, presumably heading off some losses to Google Apps and Zoho.

The deal calls for Azure to be an Intuit preferred platform.

There’s a free Azure beta SDK that will federate applications developed on Azure with the go-to-market IPP already available athttp://developer.intuit.com/azure.

Integration is based on an extension of the QuickBooks data model and will provide APIs for single sign-on, billing, data integration and user management.

The companies expect a flood of SaaS apps to follow since together they have some 750,000 development firms and channel partners.

Azure launched February 1. Later this year, after they get the integrate just right and widgetry’s formally out, Microsoft will make its Business Productivity Online Suite, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online, available for purchase in the Intuit App Center.

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