[#DataCenter #データセンタ] PUE 1.1 のデータセンタ、LeaseWeb社がDell、Microsoft、EvoSwitch社を組んで…


現在まだベータ段階、という事だが、PUE値 1.1、という限界に近い数字を理論値で出している。

“[T]he design of the Total solution is completely different from what is common in the market,” LeaseWeb product manager Thorsten Einig said in a statement. “It is not a cooling solution with a traditional design, and it is completely different from the current cooling setup at EvoSwitch or other data centers…. We have also chosen extremely energy-efficient server equipment that has been specifically programmed and tuned to the cooling system.”


Einig said that the new server environment has undergone extensive testing over the past six months with amazing results. “Due to our presence at EvoSwitch, we fortunately already have many servers that are quite energy-efficient in their operation, but this separate environment with its own cooling design allows us to achieve significantly higher energy savings,” he said. “In the coming period, we will need to further increase the number of clients in this environment in order to achieve the pre-calculated PUE of 1.1. It is known that the PUE drops as the server volume increases.”


Posted via email from Ippei’s @CloudNewsCenter info database


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