[#Cloud #クラウド] 買収の動き: Ernst & Youngの調査結果==> M&Aの大型化、インド/中国の台頭、そしてモバイル/エネルギー関係…

M&A活動が2009年Q4 において3期連続で上昇

Ernst & Young社の調査によると、Q4/2009もM&A事業が成長を遂げた四半期になる、と発表。

買収金額で言うと、Q4/2009はQ4/2008と比較して$35.4B対$9.2B、と4倍の伸びを示しているが、年間で言うと、2009年は2008年の約2%ダウン(2009年 = $94.8B)。 


2009のクロスボーダの案件は、全体の31%、と昨年から4%落ちている。 ただし、一見あたりの金額は42%と大きく伸びている。  インドと中国の伸びが顕著である。 

Cross-border activity
Cross-border deals fell to 31% of corporate deals in 2009 from 35% in 2008. While the total value of cross-border deals (corporate plus PE) fell 20% in 2009 to US$24 billion. However, the average value for cross-border deals climbed 42% in 2009 from 2008.

Of corporate deals done, the US completed the most deals in Q409 (222), 81% of which were domestic deals. China completed 31 corporate deals and had the largest percentage of domestic deals (84%). Of Q409’s corporate deals, India completed the highest proportion of cross-border deals at 50%.

Corporate deals done overall by China and India in 2009, however, dropped significantly compared with 2008, from 139 to 86 in China and 80 to 39 in India.

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